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A NEW CD!! Just in time for a busy Christmas period!
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Kind feedback

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Louise McIvor
I had Tom sing at my 50th birthday, he was so professional and made the party, everyone was up dancing and singing . I picked a few favourites and he blew me away his voice is great. Thanks Tom for making my party so special.
Jo & Scott Wilkie
Thanks Tom for an amazing evening reception. You really made our night!! Your singing was fantastic, as was the set list! A truly wonderful night to remember!
Joy Bentley
Thank you Tom for making New Years Eve very special and most enjoyable.

A NEW CD!! Just in time for a busy Christmas period!

Hi everyone,
It’s been a while since my last post - but it’s been a busy 2014!
I've finally finished my new CD "Swing Supreme" which you can listen to on the "Sample Music" page and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.
When we started the new CD back in September - I sat with a list of nearly 30 great songs which I’m sure in time I'll end up covering, but for this CD I had to cut it down to just 10.
Hopefully you all like the new songs and I think we've managed to cover a wide range of musical genres and artist’s spanding nearly 75 years!
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